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“Manresa” Đầu bếp David Kinch's Love Apple Farms Tomatoes với Parmigiano Reggiano

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Parmigiano Reggiano and tomatoes are two of the leading umami foods in western cooking, the rind of ripened cheese being particularly rich in umami. Here an extract was made from this cheese rind and Rishiri kombu, and combined with vegetable stock in a sauce that serves up an intense umami hit for the palate.

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「Umami: MÓN NGON」

「Umami: MÓN NGON」
Nhà xuất bản: Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd.
Điều phối dự án: Kumiko Ninomiya, Trung tâm Thông tin Umami

“ UMAMI : THE FIFTH TASTE ” is a practical guide to the taste that has transformed world cuisine. It features unique, healthy recipes from top international chefs in a comprehensive volume encompassing all you need to know about umami. WIth forewords by world knownchef: Thomas Keller and food journalist: Harold McGee, all in full color includes 39 recipes from world leading chefs along with their interviews Michael Anthony, Heston Blumenthal, Alexandre Bourdas, David Kinch, Virgilio Martinez, Nobu Matsuhisa, Yoshihiro Murata and Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. While being an excellent book for learning the history of umami, it contains scientific approach. The scientific section follows by food scientist Dr. John Prescott, Prof. Ole G.Mouritsen. Furthermore, umami dessert recipes by Regis Cursan and Keiko Nagae are featured for the first time in our publication. The Umami Information Center presents the useful information; “Dashi and umami Basic information and ways to learn more.”